Meeting room projects survive and thrive on business meetings. We use them for status updates, for periodic reviews, for sign off of essential milestones and numbers of other reasons. We have regular meetings and one-off meetings. While you should not schedule the business meetings for the sake of it, meetings are an indispensable part of how we get things done on work projects.  Here are 7 tips successful venue hire in Ruislip for a meeting.

1. Book early
If you are trying to get a room during an event like a local conference or sporting events like the Wimbledon tennis championships, or Olympics, you need to reserve your room quite early. During such times, demand for venues often goes up, and their prices do too.
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2. Negotiate
The venue will tell you the cost of the room, but see if you can negotiate. Can you get the projector thrown in for free? This could be necessary if you are planning on projecting your smart plan for everyone to see, or on catching notes real time on a project blog.

3. Check the resources
Will the hired venue supply pens, flip charts, a projector and screen? If not (and you don’t wish to pay for them) you’ll have to take your own from the office.

4. Refreshments
Project teams need watering and feeding, so check that your venue will supply coffee, tea, water and biscuits. If you are hosting a day-long workshop, you might also want to check that you can get a good quality lunch there. If the venue doesn't provide catering (or it is too expensive), see if they will let you get your sandwich platters delivered from a local cafe.

5. Check the times
What time can you get into the room? While your meeting might not start until 10 am, you will need to arrive early to set up your laptop, prepare your project resources needed and be there to greet attendees as they enter. Also, check what time you are expected to leave and that your meeting can be finished in plenty of time.

6. Check the location
Many meeting room facilities have some rooms for hire in different locations; some are quite close to each other. Check you are hiring a staying room at a venue that is suitable for you and your attendees so that no guest needs to travel too far to stay for a night.

7. Check the contract Thoroughly
The venue will provide you with an official contract for the room hire. This can run to numerous pages and is often in a quite small print! In essence, it will confirm your timings, the approximate number of people attending, the delegate rate and what refreshments and equipment you are paying for. Check the rest of the small print though, to know what your cancellation rights are.

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