If you are looking for a banqueting hall for a charity fundraiser, a business networking event or a wedding reception, it's a challenging job. If you want to make your event successful, you need to get one among the best banqueting halls in Ruislip. These five smart tips are crucial to finding the perfect banqueting hall for your event.

1. Capacity

Banqueting Halls in Ruislip

Overall capacity is the most important thing to consider the size of the venue you choose will have a positive impact on the success of your event. Don't make your guests feel cramped and uncomfortable with a small hall and don't let your party dwarf by choosing a bigger hall.

2. Location

Is the banqueting hall so far out of the way that it might deter your guests from attending the event? Is the hall too tricky to find, or is it in a neighbourhood your guests might prefer to avoid? Even when the cost is right, an out of the way banquet hall isn’t indeed a good deal. Look for a venue which is centrally located.

3. Interiors

The interiors of the banqueting hall you choose should be thoroughly clean, modern, and well maintained. Now, you might be planning to decorate the hall for your event, but if the banqueting hall itself is dilapidated, you won’t have much to work with. Remember, the banqueting hall you choose will leave a distinct impression on your guests. Especially if you are planning a high profile business meeting, you don’t want any negative publicity.

4. Amenities

Most venues provide basic facilities for their customers. These typically comprise basic decorations and tables and chairs. Depending on the type of your event, check to see that the banqueting hall you choose can supply audio/visual equipment, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi. Make sure that the venue provides ample parking and that the restrooms are clean and handicap accessible. Many venues offer on-site catering for their customers, and this can be a real blessing when you are booking a hall.

5. Costs

Finally, there is the expense to consider. The key here is to strike a right balance between the price of the booking and what the banqueting hall has to offer. Again, a cheaper venue on the outskirts of town offering little in the way of amenities is no bargain. Consider your requirements, and the comfort of your guests, and balance that against the charge of booking the venue.

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