outside Indian catering

In summer season, a lot more events are being held outdoors. These warmer months are the perfect time for your special events like weddings, picnics, and festivals which can be made memorable with exceptional outside Indian catering. Check out the top 3 outdoor catering tips and get prepared for your upcoming outdoor event.

1. Get Familiar with Your Outdoor Venue

If you are able, visit the venue well in advance of the event. It will help you to plan your outdoor catering setup and see the resources that are available to you. The venue layout could dictate what equipment you should bring, and it also could impact your food serving plan. For example, if you’re operating out of a truck that should be parked out of sight from guests, it’s necessary to know how far your servers will need to carry the dishes and other required supplies from your preparation space. Long distance or venues with an unmaintained path could slow the things down and cause an unwanted hold up if you don’t account for it ahead of time.

2. Know Your Zoning Restrictions and Have the Required Permissions

Especially if you are catering in a temporary made space such as a closed street or parking lot, there may be some zoning restrictions for the event based on your local government’s policies. Zoning ordinances define how specific geographic areas, or zones, can be used and are especially used for differentiating between residential and commercial spaces. In many places, permits are also needed for approval from the fire marshal, health department, and other officials. If you aren’t planning the outdoor event, make sure that you know what the approved plans are so that you can avoid penalties.

3. Plan Your Menu According to SpaceBanqueting Halls and Venue hire services in Ruislip

When choosing your menu, consider how the outdoor conditions may affect the food your guests would eat. The available space for catering season and even the level of noise can affect the kinds of foods your clients could be looking for. For example, if you’re eating area is right next to DJ or speakers that are playing music loudly, some people may not want to sit for very long or would want to sit in a peaceful location. Guests in the crowded eating areas may feel the same way. On the other hand, guests at an outdoor wedding event are normally ready to remain seated for a complete meal, no matter the noise level or some people present.

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